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Well Women's Clinic Infrastructure

A healthy woman nurtures a healthy family,

We offer comprehensive screening programme for women of all ages . The Well Women's Clinic offers a complete and confidential health service for all women.


Obstetric Clinic

Through this clinic we provides high-quality care throughout pregnancy. We have qualified staff with specialized training in taking care of pregnant women.

We also take great care for patient with problems during pregnancy like hypertension, diabetes, kidney disorders , epilepsy etc.

A Number of Classes are Offered to Prepare Couples for their parental Role:

  • Prenatal class,
  • Breastfeeding class,
  • Nutrition class.


Provide superior success ratios and offer affordable IVF solutions to our patients.

Ideally all women have their first annual well woman health checkup within one year of onset of sexually activity.

The service is provided for women who don’t have symptoms but would like a women’s health checkup.


Clinical Services

  • Pap smear testing
  • Teaching Breast self examination
  • STI testing
  • Contraception counseling
  • Screening prior to IUD insertion
  • Counseling for all gynaecological problems
  • family planning
  • Sexuality and safe sex practices
  • Preparing for pregnancy

In addition, you may be able to discuss your general health and have your urine, weight, cholesterol and blood pressure checked.

All these investigations are done under the same roof. There is no necessity of getting admitted in hospital for these.

Our staff is committed to providing care and information in a friendly and supportive atmosphere.

To enroll at Well Women clinic, contact at our reception desk.

Medical Information

Dr. Sudha Shivkumar OB-GYN.,

Morning Appointment
+91 94980 98886
Evening Appointment
+91 87600 86100

Weekdays : 8:30am - 5:30pm

Weekends : 9:00am - 1:00pm

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