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Egg Donor Programme

For some women, due to many reasons ,donor egg programme is the only way to have a baby.


Who Needs Egg Donation

  • When the ovaries are absent from birth or were removed or damaged by surgery, chemotherapy and/or radiation.
  • When all other infertility treatment have been unsuccessful
  • When the ovaries are not responding to harmones leading to a very poor reproductive potential.
  • Women in older age group with poorly functioning ovary.
  • Women with premature menopause.
  • Women with the risk of passing on a known genetic condition

Selecting your Donor

If you choose to proceed with egg donor programme , you have to provide your photograph and a description of the type of woman you would like as a donor. Our staff will then use this information to match you to a suitable donor.

The donor by law has to be 18 to 35 years in age, of normal intelligence, in good health and with no past or family history of severe physical, mental or genetic disease. All donors are required to undergo a medical examination and details are asked about their personal, medical and family history. We screen all donors to ensure they're free of infections, diseases or genetic conditions that might be transmitted to the offsprings. All donors are carefully screened according to current guidelines and best practice.

We then do the matching for you.The donors are matched to the recipients by their physical characteristics such as height, weight, body build, hair colour, complexion, eye colour, and blood group etcWe try to provide an acceptable match. Matching for ethnic origin and rhesus blood group is always performed. Exceptions are always discussed with the recipient couple in advance.

You will be able to see the donor's case sheet (name and address deleted), and her blood testing report. We do not show you a photograph of the donor.

The Procedure

The primary treatment is to synchronise the donor and the recipients cycle, so that the recipient's uterine lining will be ready at the time of the donor's eggs collection.

When the cycles are synchronized by oral contraceptive pills, the donor is stimulatedwith harmones, for 10-14 days. Meanwhile, the recipient will be given medication to prepare the endometrium for implantation of the embryos.

The chance of achieving a live birth from a single egg donation cycle is greater than 70%. There is no legal implications of accepting a donor egg as your donor will sign a consent form in which she relinquishes all rights and responsibilities regarding her donated eggs.

For some women, having a baby using a donor egg provides an opportunity to experience pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, and to have a child who is genetically connected to the father.

Obstetric Clinic

Through this clinic we provides high-quality care throughout pregnancy. We have qualified staff with specialized training in taking care of pregnant women.

We also take great care for patient with problems during pregnancy like hypertension, diabetes, kidney disorders , epilepsy etc.

A number of classes are offered to prepare couples for their parental role

  • Prenatal class
  • breastfeeding class
  • Nutrition class

Medical Information

Dr. Sudha Shivkumar OB-GYN.,

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